Name: Kiki Mariska Jeanette Beernink

Nationality: Dutch

Date of birth: 19th of January 1995

Place of birth: Veldhoven

Lives and works in: Utrecht

My father was an accountant and my mother a nurse. My mother stopped working to take care of the children. I have two sisters (1993 and 2000), I am the middle child.

My parents always encouraged me and my two sisters to be creative. My mother was also very creative and would always draw and paint with us. In the end we all pursued creative studies, my older sister works for Victor & Rolf and my younger sister is studying to become a makeup artist. We were taught to seek a passion which we could make our job, which I am very grateful for.



2019 – Now: BA Parttime Fine Art and design in Education (HKU)

2015-2019: BA Fine Art at Hogeschool Voor De Kunsten Utrecht (HKU)

2014-2015: Preparation year at Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU)


2019 – 2020: September – May: Internship at Leidsche Rijn College

2018: 1-month internship with Ram Katzir and Michiel de Mik working on “Eden”

2018: 3-month art education internship at Gerrit Rietveld College (63 hours in total)




Groeps expositie: Homerun #2: De mens.
Date: 21st of November – 27th of December.
Location: Willem Twee Kunstruimte, Den Bosch


Groep Expositie: “Exposure”
Graduates Exhibition HKU Fine Art
Date: 25 – 30 juni 2019
Location: Pastoe Fabriek Utrecht

Exhibition “ROEM Utrecht”
Date: 24 – 05 -2019
Location: Oudegracht 336E in Utrecht

Group exhibition: “Mixed Grill”
Date: 16-11-2018
Location: Tuub, Rotsoord 3 in Utrecht
Artists: Annï Mertens, Attila Buonsenso, Iriée Zamblé, Indigo Deijmann, Jason Dolman, Kiki Beernink, Kyra Nijskens, Maya Berkhof, Lisette van Hoogenhuyze, Sarah Reinbold, Sophie Speklé, Teun Krosenbrink, Tom Poelen, Zwaantje Kurpershoek.

Group exhibition: “I Never Promised You A Rose Garden”
Date: 28-01-2018
location: Botanical Gardens Utrecht, Budapestlaan 17
Curator: Hélène Webers
Artists: Bas Heinen, Elizabeth Praastink-Wessels, Robin Speijer, Marlies Ruiter, Nicole Voorzaat, Erin Dekker, Kiki Beernink

Other activities:

2019 – now: Board member at FAAM Utrecht.